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And I’m Back!

Like anyone gives a shit.

I must have some sort of radar for widespread Tumblr histrionics, because the last time I paid much attention to this site, the whole taramichelle shit was just blowing over. Now it turns out that the annoyingly narcissistic sufferer of reblogarhea, Stupid in Boston, was caught up in some scandal today. He really deserves it. He was just using Tumblr to be Internet popular, and honestly, if that’s your goal in life, you need to really re-evaluate some shit. He invested a disturbingly enormous amount of time on Tumblr just reblogging shit and making GreaseMonkey scripts so he can see who he was following who wasn’t returning the favor and other inanities. 

Aside from realizing my sixth sense is knowing when to log in during sensational events on Tumblr, I’ve just been spending my free time being a typical 22-year-old indie girl with my red wine, old records and love of lomography.

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